Kerry Wilson Artist

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About Me

The artwork of Kerry Wilson focuses on contemporary Australian landscape. Kerry lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and works “en plein air” as well as in the studio. Her work is grounded in the romantic tradition of landscape, yet the pared back essential lines shapes and palette add an abstract quality. Her work elicits emotional responses that tug at memory and personal associations to the landscape.

Workshop at Armidale's New England Regional Art Museum (pic above)

As an artist for over 20 years, Kerry is passionate about drawing and painting. 

With the immediacy and excitement of the mark, drawing is a natural means of self-expression. 

Drawing allows us to represent and understand the world we live in. 

Drawing invites communication and entertainment.

Painting too is so much about the mark and the exploration of colour.

Kerry aims to promote and celebrate drawing and painting as a cultural activity through exhibiting her work and teaching. 

 She holds regular solo exhibitions, participates in group shows and holds classes in painting and drawing. Kerry has facilitated the Big Draw events since 2010 and continues to mentor young artists and also the young to art. She has a Post Graduate Diploma from Sydney College of the Arts and several teaching qualifications.

Drawing workshops at Butter Factory Art Centre, Cooroy. Qld. 

Working en plein air at Bald Rock National Park, April 2015.